A quality product your cat will love! 

Mobilicat condos:

  • 1/4 '' (25mm) thick, natural sisal posts and mats. The favorite material of cats for scratching. It is therefore the best tool to prevent cats from destroying your furnitures. These cat trees are the best alternative to declawing .

  • Replaceable sisal mats and posts when worn. Replaceable cushion and hammock if you want to change colors or just have a spare set available while the originals are in the washing machine.

  • All fabric components are removable and fully machine washable. The cushions come with a removable cover and waterproof undercoat so you can simply wash the cover and avoid cluttering your washer / dryer.

  • You can choose the color of the structure, the color of the rugs and the color of the cushions ! The condo must be placed where your cat spends a lot of time, ideally in the living room. It is important that it fits in well with your decor.

  • The large dimensions of the levels, hammocks, cushions and huts allow the cat to be really comfortable, it is convenient for larger cats.

  • We use durable and sturdy materials .

  • You encourage the local economy and reduce your ecological footprint.

  • You can choose the color of the structure, the color of the rugs and the color of the cushions ! The condo must be placed in the middle of your home, ideally in the living room. It is important that it fits well with your decor.

  • The larger levels, hammocks, cushions and huts are really comfortable for cats.

  • Durable, strong and stable materials . The proportions have been well thought out to ensure excellent stability, your cat can run and jump on it in complete safety.

  • You encourage our local economy and reduce your ecological footprint.

Structure of the condos:

The levels, base and huts are made with high-end TFL panels made in Quebec by Uniboard. This company has received several environmental certifications. You can view the technical sheet here: 20190726_UNI19_018_TFL_SellSheet_FR.pdf (uniboard.com )


These panels are cleanable and sanitizable. They do not hold litter, mold, dirt or hair unlike popular cat trees.

We have selected 10 trendy colors for the structure:

Sand (wood grain)
Stump (wood grain)
Mist (wood grain)
Birch (wood grain)
River rock (wood grain)
Ash (wood grain)
Walnut (wood grain)
Black (plain)
Slate (plain)
White (plain)
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Our high-end fabrics have been selected for their beauty , exceptional softness , ease of maintenance , resistance to scratches and their ability to hide cat hairs . High-quality Velcro is sewn under the cushions to keep them securely in place on the levels.

100% polyester. Machine wash cold with similar colors, without fabric softener. Tumble dry low on gentle cycle without fabric softener sheet.



We have selected ten luxurious colors for the cushions and hammocks:

Silver fox
Brown/beige fox
Golden leopard
Snow leopard
Silver leopard
Wild rabbit
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The rugs:

Cats also love to claw on horizontal surfaces. Our large mats also provide a good grip to your cats and prevent them from sliding off the levels.  The mats are securely attached to the landings with 2 Velcro straps. A heavy-duty matching fabric border (Sunbrella) prevents the sisal from unraveling.


Choice of carpet colors:

Taupe sisal
Natural sisal
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Say goodbye to dirt, messy plush, paper rope, seagrass scratching posts, and cat trees that fall apart after just a few months of use.

Jute level with dirty, frayed fabric / Stained and torn plush hut / Cheap seagrass post not appreciated by most cats


Mobilicat is a local company. Our cat condos are entirely manufactured in our factory located in Magog, Quebec. Support a local business and get a top quality product!


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